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Salomon Sense Ride Gear Review


By Erica Summers, Salomon Gear Ambassador   April 2019 

When I started Trail Running a few years ago, I had NO Idea what to look for in a trail running  shoe, let alone what type of shoe I would want.  As a runner who has struggled with wide feet  her whole life, and more recently  IT Band Problems, Trail Running shoes were foreign territory. 

Unfortunately, my IT band issues continued causing me to take almost a year off from a sport that I truly loved. Taking time off from running was one of the toughest things mentally that I’ve ever had to do. Thankfully, In 2018 I was able to take Trail Running seriously, my body was stronger than ever and my IT Bands seemed to be in tip-top shape. 


To dig a little deeper into this shoe journey...

In 2017 I decided I was no longer "Road Running". This decision changed my life exponentially. Since then I have done minimal runs on the road. In place, I have a newfound appreciation for the woods, dirt, my mind and my body. In addition to all the hippy dippy feels I get from trail running, I have met some amazing people AND I get to see some of the most beautiful views.  

So in October of 2017 I purchased my first pair of Salomon trail runners, the Sense Pro! It wasn't long before I learned that I had bought my shoes a half size smaller than they should be for trail running (my feet swell when I run long distances, up to a size larger is a must). Following that purchase in 2017 I bought three other pairs of shoes before I found "The Ones". 

I had been running all spring and summer, training in my Sense Pro's, tried a pair of Elevates and then in September two weeks before the Gros Morne Trail Run I bought a Pair of Salomon Sense Rides

 These shoes changed my experience immensely. Prior to this I was changing out pairs depending on distance and terrain. When I bought these shoes, I stopped doing that! They were the perfect fit for me. These shoes had the comfort, flexibility, grip and wideness for my every need, and it felt AMAZING. That summer I also sprained my ankle, turns out, these shoes also supported and housed my ankle brace well.

 Yes, I still trained and ran on a sprained ankle..... I don't recommend this!

I purchased these shoes on a whim, more or less as a last resort (I also don't recommend doing this LOL) I was stuck. I spoke with a friend and fellow trail runner who was working at Arthur James locally here in Corner Brook at the time and he completely sold me on these shoes within minutes. They didn't have my size in store so they had them shipped in from St. Johns. Did I mention they arrived THE NEXT DAY!!! Talk about Customer Service.

 It wasn't long before I fell in love. 

 As a runner with flat feet, a shoe with stability is a must, these shoes have that. In Addition, they also have an 8mm drop and the cushioning of a pillow top mattress which, for me, makes for a much more comfortable run. Further to their super sensational ride, these shoes are built for us midfoot strikers and all terrain type runners. Sorry Pronators, these aren't the shoe for you!!

 I have literally worn these shoes everywhere; grocery shopping, dog walking, road running, through streams and rivers (they are not waterproof), through mud & endless amounts of dirt, even climbing to all those mountain tops. 

 One of my favorite features of the shoe is how breathable and lightweight they are. While they aren't waterproof, if and when they do get wet, they dry quickly and don't feel heavy underfoot. This made a world of difference to me during Gros Morne Trail Run and my ultramarathon, ECT 50. I also liked how colorful these shoes are :)

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You can expect Salomon’s Quicklace Lacing System, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I’m a lover. They almost eliminate the need to adjust your laces mid-run, and there is no shoelace to get snagged in the brush as it tucks into the tongue of the sneaker. I’m also a huge fan of the color options available, you can always count on Salomon to have bright colors in their palette.  

If any of the points above strike your fancy, I highly recommend giving these shoes a try. The price point is fair and you can buy them locally. If the Sense Rides don't strike your fancy and you don't really see anything you love on the shelf, Arthur James can special order that dream shoe.


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