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How to Extend the Life of your Gear


A brand new waterproof jacket brings sweet satisfaction as you watch the water bead right off the fabric.  When you invest in a new waterproof garment, take care of it! Your new favorite piece will return the favor with seasons of protection.

The water-shedding characteristic of waterproof clothing is due to a durable water repellent (DWR) coating that is applied to the outer fabric of your garment in the manufacturing process. But as fabulous as it is, the DWR finish will slowly break down from washing, wearing, and even dirt build up. When this happens you will begin to notice the item is no longer shedding water from the fabric, instead the fabric becomes saturated. This is called wetting out.


Ironically, as frequent washing will break down DWR, so will dirt. When a fabric is dirty it will hold water in the fabric, creating another form of wetting out. So while it is a good idea to wash frequently, most detergents can break down DWR coatings quicker. We love the environmentally friendly Grangers Performance Wash to help keep your DWR intact.  With no harsh chemicals or softeners, Grangers treats your waterproof fabrics right!

So wash your garment regularly to get the dirt out of those fibers and keep your waterproof technology lasting longer, because when a waterproof fabric becomes wetted out the fibers and laminate can become clogged, compromising breathability and breaking down your waterproof protection quicker. The best defense against wetting out is washing, and re-proofing, your garment.

Washing and reproofing your garment will:

  • remove water-holding dirt from the fibers
  • help restore breathability
  • reduce odor buildup
  • restore water repellency (beading)
  • Help keep waterproof laminates working better, longer.
  • Keep it looking great!!

This also holds true for footwear, which is why we always recommend folks brush off and mud or bog from your favorite hikers so they keep you dryer, longer. Grangers have great kits that hold everything you need to clean and reproof your gear, like their Footwear Care Kit.

All of these products are designed to safely clean and maintain the integrity of your favorite sportswear, while being environmentally safe.

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